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Monday, August 16, 2010

Retired List for 2010

Retired List
Get Your Favorites Before They're Gone!

Starting next year, CTMH will be going to a semi-annual Idea Book (two-times a year) - there will be MORE pages 136 (versus the current 112). CTMH will be expanding the great new product offerings...I don't have all the details...only that these will be paper kits, stamp sets and accessories everyone will love to create with.

CTMH is making preparations for the transition from the current Idea Book format to the new format...the Retired List is part of that preparation. You may notice several "newer" papers and embellishments and wonder what that means for the future of paper collections at are some tidbits to help you understand.

New products sell best - when an Idea Book goes live and during the time consultants use it at home gatherings & for clubs & workshops, the current paper packs are by far the sales superstars.
After a paper pack phases out of the NEW section and moves to the EXISTING section, it becomes highly unpredictable.
By removing existing papers and older products, this makes room for NEW and EXCITING items including artwork, techniques and new products!
Longer LIVE time - starting with the Spring 2011 Idea Book, paper packs will "live" in them for 6 months...and...after's our understanding they will be available while supplies last - a very different approach than what you are currently used to.
CTMH is committed to CLASSIC scrapbooking & paper usage - yes, Studio J is here to stay and retired papers will be available through Studio J...yet, CTMH remains firmly committed to bringing you the high-quality papers you love.
We'll have to rethink "retired" - rethinking means we'll bid a brisk farewell to kits to make way for new. I've posted the most recent Retired List on my blog:

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  1. Eek! I may have to stock up on some paper packs... hope you are good :)